Biden logic

Biden logic

What a tool.



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  1. 25MMSSG72 25MMSSG72 says:

    Hey, Uncle Joe… Riddle me this:

    My Infantry Drill Sergeants back in ’94 demonstrated that the recoil of an M16 is so low that they could place the buttstock of the weapon to their groin, and fire the weapon without doubling over as if they had been kicked. Then, they had a couple randomly-selected trainees try it as well…

    Are you sure enough of your idiotic statements to put the buttstock of your double-barreled shotgun (loaded, of course) to your groin (no cup, now!) and pull the trigger? If not, then you really should STFU and quit handing out such worthless “advice”…

    Seriously, you’re making Dan Quayle look like a *GENIUS*…

  2. David Fredrickson jr says:

    I still think Rambling Joe is the only reason the Obamanation is not in jail. No one wants this in charge.

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