So, about the Starbucks Appreciation Day rallies… And how nobody got shot LOL!


It’s approximately 2330 in East Coast, which means that most of Starbucks stores in the country has closed or are on the verge of closing. (Unless they are 24/7)

It’s rather unfortunate that the store in Newtown, CT closed early to prevent clashes between pro-gun and anti-gun demonstrators. The anti-gun circus is rejoicing at the news as if Starbucks caved in to their demands. However, let’s not forget that the store was still open for 11 hours today and, when the store opens tomorrow, people will still be able to carry their guns in and out of the store because the laws and company policy will remain unchanged. Suck on that, anti-gun freaks! (Not to mention the fact that Newtown gun ownership rate has surged since the massacre.)

Many of you have went to show your support. And then there were some of you who didn’t, due to other stances that Starbucks has taken.

What really matters is… Has there been any shootings inside any Starbucks where pro-gun rallies were held? Because, much to the chagrin of the anti-gun clowns, I DON’T SEE ANY ON THE NEWS!! And it’s not like this thing was under everyone’s radar–everyone knew about it. It was only all over the news!┬áSo, you can be damned sure that, if there was even a single shooting, even an accident, the media and anti-gun freaks would have been all over it.

But, since I am not seeing that, I’m going to say that the mission was a huge success.

Good work, everyone.



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  1. 25MMSSG72 25MMSSG72 says:

    Nobody shot? Really? INCONCEIVABLE!

    No armed robberies, either?

    Not even a “malicious brandishing”?

    Not even a certain shit smear throwing hot coffee on a gun owner’s lap?

    Surely, you jest…

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