Testing’s over–We are open for business!


We might need to tweak the layout a little bit here and there, but all systems are nominal.

Welcome to the official website of Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates. In case if Facebook decides to go all Nazi on our Facebook page, we will always have this site to fall back on and laugh about it.

Please forgive us if we mess something up with the system. I haven’t done any web-designing for a really long time, and none of the admins are familiar with the system yet.



2 Responses to Testing’s over–We are open for business!

  1. 25MMSSG72 25MMSSG72 says:

    In, SOOOOO in on this one!

  2. Greg Rhodes says:

    Now I gotta learn this and maneuver my way through it.

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