Hypocrisy & Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates — Steve Marmel


This is the first featured post covering an individual’s hypocrisy and stupidity when it comes to advocating for gun control. And just who gets the honor to be covered as our very first hypocrite?

Steve Marmel

Marmel has background as TV writer and producer, and has worked on animated shows from such as The Fairly Odd Parents, I Am Weasel, Danny Phantom, Family Guy, and Johnny Bravo, as well as as live action shows such as Sonny With a Chance, MacKenzie Falls, and So Random!

You are probably asking, “So, what does that have to do with anything?” To answer that, Marmel has a rather large audience for his Facebook page and Twitter account. His Facebook page has almost 20,000 “likes,” with more than 13,000 followers on Twitter. Now, normally, that won’t be an issue–he worked on a variety of popular shows, thus he has large following. But, the problem is, he uses his popularity to spread around stuff like this;


By now, you are all probably aware of what occurred on August 9th–the Starbucks Appreciation Day. Gun owners and rights advocates planned to visit Starbucks across the nation to show their appreciation of Starbucks not caving in to the demands of anti-gun circus to ban firearms within its premises. Except for the situation that occurred in Newtown, CT, where the store closed early to prevent clashes between gun rights advocates and gun control advocates, everything went flawlessly–no reports of anyone being shot inside Starbucks that day, despite the surge of guns being brought into the stores nationwide. It was the classic usage of First and Second Amendments by gun owners–by exercising their rights to assembly and bear arms.


One of Marmel’s fine opinions of Second Amendment supporters.

Marmel, who just happens to associate any and every gun owners that believe in the true interpretation of the Second Amendment as being redneck, ultra-conservative, and bible-thumping tea party supporters, didn’t like that. He wanted to ridicule them. No… It was even more than that. His rage was through the roof. He wanted to point them out as animals with no empathy. So, he, along with other gun control advocates, decided to spin the story into how gun owners were heartless for trying to rally at that particular store–even though it was a nationwide event–and started to dance on the dead children’s graves by continuously shouting “SANDY HOOK!”

Normally, we would brush off that sort of thing as typical gun control advocates appealing to raw emotions to drive their point. Never mind the fact that the Sandy Hook elementary school was a “gun-free zone,” as per Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990. Never mind the fact that Adam Lanza stole the guns from his mother for the sole purpose of inflicting harm in situation other than self-defense. Never mind the fact that Newtown has seen a surge in gun ownership after the massacre.

Nope. To Marmel, like any other gun control advocates, guns are all bad, and gun owners who support the Second Amendment are insane and delusional.

For his post regarding the Starbucks Appreciation Day, this is what he suggested to his followers;


Someone who apparently doesn’t like violence, but wants to use violence to have things his way… What’s the word to describe that? Oh, right–“hypocrite.”

Basically, he called for burning hot coffees to be tossed at gun owners for exercising their First and Second Amendment rights–because they just planned to sit there and drink coffee, or whatever other concoction that Starbucks serves, while wearing their holstered guns. I don’t know what sort of fantasy world he lives in, but in this country, such unprovoked act is called criminal assault and battery–rather serious offenses depending on the severity of the injury. Hot coffee is usually served at around 200°F, which is more than enough to cause second-degree burns upon contact with skin, which pretty much guarantees that whoever throws that cup will be charged with felony.

And that’s not all. His followers decided to join the frenzy.

This guy wanted to spook the gun owners with fireworks... In hopes that there will be a shootout...

This guy wished to spook the gun owners with fireworks… With hopes that there will be a shootout as a result…

And then the threat of rigging explosives to someone's car.

And then the threat of rigging explosives to someone’s car.

Obviously, such comments have all been taken down, but screenshots are forever.

What a wonderful group of peace-loving, tolerant and understanding people that they have turned out to be! Of course, some of them will start pointing fingers at the gun owners about how they threatened to, eh, “shoot” them in return–completely ignoring the fact that they would be the ones to instigate the situation. Some of them will even turn to saying how what they have said are meant to be jokes and that they are protected under the First Amendment (as they always do), but that’s just hilariously ironic since the First Amendment guarantees not only the freedom of speech, press and religion, but assembly, as well–meaning that gun owners are fully within their Constitutional rights to be at Starbucks with their guns, as long as laws are followed.

Ah… The First Amendment… Scumbags just love to use it when it applies to them, and completely abandons it when it doesn’t. Isn’t that convenient?

I would like to wrap up here since the article is already long enough as it is, but I have to point out one other thing that Marmel has left himself wide open for. One of our followers decided to contact the big guy himself and strike up a conversation to question his logic, which turned out to have put Marmel in a rather disadvantageous position… But, wait, it’s Marmel’s reality distortion time!

What Marmel thinks happened.

What Marmel thinks happened.

What actually happened.

What actually happened.

Marmel claims that his “point” was somehow proven. Obviously, he didn’t mention anything about his cherry picking.

Steve, it’s simply depressing how someone with large audience, such as you, just has to spin and distort things to prove that you are right. That’s what crooks do. From what I have witnessed so far, you are a crook. You have absolutely no credibility. You are just as bad as every other crooked politicians and media broadcasters that constantly feed misinformation and outright lies to the public for more favorable ratings and support. I don’t care if you label yourself as a “progressive.” I don’t even care if your posts are “satirical” in nature. What you are doing by having to resort to such tactics actually makes you regressive.

But, then again, with the way you act, I won’t be surprised to see you simply brush off everything that I have laid out as nothing more than opinions of a bible-thumping (incorrect–I was raised as a Roman Catholic but have renounced it since reaching adulthood), conservative (incorrect–I’m politically neutral) redneck (incorrect–I’m not even White). That’s exactly what cowards do.

Prove to me that I am wrong. If you have any sort of integrity, man up and face the reality. Until then, you are nothing more than a hypocrite, and one of the very problems that you love to yell at your followers about how they are bringing the country down.



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  1. Armed_Liberal says:

    Nothing like exposing a little hypocrisy, one at a time. It’s like the places that have “no weapons” signs. They don’t want the instruments of violence in their establishment, so if you bring them in, they call people with those same instruments of violence to remove you.

    But it’s totally cool. They have shiny badges, which makes it TOTALLY different and not in any way using violence-by-proxy.

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