The reason why we are getting flagged by McAfee SiteAdvisor as “suspicious”


Those of you who are using McAfee products will have probably noticed its SiteAdvisor flagging this page for “potential security risks.” Allow me the explain.


The way the SiteAdvisor works is that one of McAfee’s staff has to take a thorough look at the site to check it for actual threats. Right now, since the site is brand spankin’ new, none of them have had the chance to do so. Until then, the site will be marked as potential risk.

Once the site has been properly reviewed, the rating will change accordingly. The “potential security risks” come from the fact that the site has several Facebook features (“likes,” comments, recent posts, etc.)¬†integrated, which is a reasonable cause for suspicion, but completely harmless.

I have submitted a request for the site to be reviewed for updated rating by SiteAdvisor. It will change in a few days.



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