The full story behind the fake page that is imitating HSGCA

Many of you already know the story, but I’m going to expand on it to provide a full disclosure to you all as well as those of you who still may be confused.

Mr. Robinson's true, adolescent colors coming out.

Mr. Robinson’s true, adolescent colors coming out.

A few days back, Facebook deactivated our FB page with no explanation. During the time our page was down, an anti-gun troll, Matthew Robinson (Krog), decided that it would be cute to recreate our page and pose as several of our admins, including me. His lie is that the admins from HSGCA split up and created two separate pages. This could not be further from the truth. We have had the same five admins the entire duration of HSGCA, and those same five are still very much working together on the same page. We all talk regularly and actually know each other outside of Facebook. A couple of us have actually been close friends for years. We do not allow outsiders as admins, as we like to run a tight ship.

Mr. Robinson (I know, I’m making him sound more mature than the 22 year old, unemployed, basement dweller he is) also runs “The Hypocrisy of the Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates“, a page that he started to “expose the hypocrisy of HSGCA” (a task that he has completely FAILED at doing on multiple fronts).

Mr. Robinson on the fake page claiming Colt 7.62x39 uppers are "hard to find" and "only made in the 80's".  FAIL

Mr. Robinson on the fake page claiming Colt 7.62×39 uppers are “hard to find” and “only made in the 80’s”. FAIL!

He is using the fake HSGCA as a “farm” to promote and create comments that can be captured and used against the pro-gun community. He routinely makes comments and posts things that you all DAMN well know I would never say. Most of which is downright idiotic in nature. He possesses ZERO knowledge on firearms and firearms safety, yet is “giving out advice” which can be a very dangerous thing. Go ahead and head over there, have a conversation about guns with him. Watch the FAIL ensue. A few of his firearm fails can be viewed on here and also here. And here he can be seen making a mockery of a popular pro-gun slogan, by writing “Moron Labe” at the bottom of a poorly written post. His true, adolescent colors came out in this screenshot that we captured here. And in this post, you can see a member making a mockery of his lack of knowledge by posting a picture of “Her machinegun” she bought at a historic arms sale. His replies indicate that he is ANYTHING but a gun owner, as every gun owner knows this is an NFA item. This article is meant to mop up any confusion that may be remaining among former fans of our movement. We hope that you all help spread the word and help any members of the fake page that have been dooped. Bring ours back home, and stomp out the imitation.


The official HSGCA can be found at

Mr. Robinson’s FAKE HSGCA can be found at

Mr. Robinson’s other page is



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  1. David Fredrickson jr says:

    So fascistbork has still not removed the stain that is Krog’s fake site? How pathetic are they?

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