How low will the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence go?

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In this entry, I want to talk in depth about just how sick and twisted the gun control side has gone here in recent weeks?  For starters, on our FB page, we promote just about anything positive about the shooting sports.  And competition shooters can come in all ages and sizes.  One in particular is a girl out of New Jersey names Shyanne Roberts, whom you find her website here.  All of the admins here are big fans of hers because when you teach kids at a young age to respect guns of any kind, they will take this respect well into their adult lives.    Shyanne has been featured on television with pieces ran on CNN and ABC News.

Now enter in the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, who an individual named Ladd Everitt is the director of communications for.  Now for those of you that are new to the sport of firearms and competition shooting, or even guns for that matter you might be asking yourself why this admin is writing this piece?  Well, considering they have a immense hatred towards us (and you cannot deny it any other way), they decided to go after Shyanne and her father as you can read about here.  Now again, you might be asking why is this important to bring this up?  To explain this in a nutshell, on both sides of this issue, you have your extremists, and you as a tax paying person you have to take into the information you receive from both sides of the issue?  Now, as we on the pro-gun side will dispute anything that comes out of Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts and whether it is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America or Everytown for Gun Safety, as some of you might dispute anything coming out of the National Rifle Association, which is a good approach to have if you want honest facts to support whatever path you choose to go.

Now getting back to what you saw in the link courtesy of Miguel at Why would Ladd decide to share a photo of a 10 year old competition shooter, in which kids should be kept out of the whole debate, no matter which side you are on.  We will be the first to admit, we have done it and gone to that low, and we have seen how people who had nothing to do with this debate almost get hurt because of the extremists on both sides of the issue.  Hopefully you read most of the comments there attacking her father and in some cases attacking her as well.  Sure Ladd will claim to be innocent in all of this, but the fact he shared the photo knowing 120,000 of his followers would weigh in and say something to attack them, and the sport Shyanne loves.

That being said, lets fast forward to another one of Ladd’s favorite things to label all gun owners as, insurrectionalists.  If you have ever followed the CSGV on Twitter, in which you can do so here, he has gone after many others and putting the insurrectionist label on them (now keep this in the back of your mind that if you own guns and you even consider gun laws you might be labeled an insurrectionist according to Ladd and the CSGV [and even if you hate the NRA]).  These are folks from Veterans running online businesses, to even targeting an album on the FB page of “The Truth About Guns”, even to average folks who carry for self defense.   Why?  Ladd is not the communications director of the CSGV for nothing, he does a simple manipulation tactic to incite social media wars while he sits back and watches the fun.  Now what is even funnier is that he refuses to engage us, just like Shannon Watts does but not to the extreme of blocking us on Twitter as of yet.  Keep this in mind, the CSGV was originally formed in 1974 named the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, which you can read on its history here.  Now we here at HASOGCA are not without compassion, as most of the admins here are former or current military/law enforcement/ private security, and this admin has lost a friend to gun violence.  Now I do NOT blame the gun at all, I blame the person who pulled the trigger.    While lots of folks like to publish academic stats, we have the subject matter experience along with numbers to give to you.  The message is this, don’t trust academics and stats completely.  Use them while at the same time trust your instincts for the situation that fits you.

Social media can be an excellent tool to spread your message.  The gun rights debate is no exception.  Both sides of the debate can throw numbers out there, but your ultimate security is up to you, and how you decide to use the information presented to you can go a long way.  Should you not need a gun for self defense nor do you like to recreation shoot, that’s fine.  You want to troll, that’s fine.  People not active in this debate, you leave out.  We like satire, we hate asshammery.



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