Things gun control advocates have said.

Hi all,

We are starting to promote the web page pretty hard as of late, so here we present to you a few things the gun control advocates have said in their vile hatred towards gun owners (Yes we know the pro-gun side is just as vile, so as long as the CSGV loves to label every gun owner as an insurrectionist, we shall do the same with their followers).  Here is a sample of what we have taken from our FB page.

Like this one:

nonsense #1

And this one:

nonsense #2

And this little gem:

nonsense #3

How about this one attacking Shyanne Roberts:

nonsense #5

The last one was a bit disturbing because of the direct attack at a ten year old girl.  I challenge any one of you on the side of gun control who thinks we are vile and hateful (And I will not deny that, there are those who are), sit down and talk to us, and see what we are all about before you go posting your nonsense you post.  And that’s any gun owner in general.



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