Jonathan Romans, mentally ill?

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It has been a while, so I thought we would bring back the page using our buddy, Jonathan Romans.

This has been a major concern of ours for a very long time.  Is Jonathan Romans mentally ill?  I submit to you the following Facebook links, where he quite obviously shows he has an unhealthy obsession with HSGCA and Salty Dad.  Anyone with this level of obsession should be classified as mentally ill.

Joe Dirt Gun Control

January 29 at 10:51pm

January 28 at 8:30pm

January 27 at 1:55pm

January 26 at 1:53am (Not sure how he defines “utterly destroyed”)

January 23 at 9:30pm

January 21 at 10:45pm

January 20 at 1:23pm

January 20 at 1:06pm

January 19 at 10:27pm

and so on ad nauseum.


He also hButthurt Beavisas a thing for Salty Dad

January 27 at 1:17pm

January 26 at 1:25am

January 23 at 8:56pm

January 21 at 10:30pm

January 20 at 1:07pm

January 19 at 9:23pm

and so on, ad nauseum.


If these were phone calls, they would qualify as harassment.  But then again, we would have to be threatened by him in order to even think about a protective order.  As it stands, we are more concerned with supposed global warming than Jonathan Romans.

Let us tell you some things about Jonathan Romans.  He is a single omega-male who lives in a basement he rents from his mother.  He works at a record store in VA somewhere.  He has an unhealthy fetish with goats.  He is also a “furry,” apparently dressing up in a fox costume (to any other furries, if you find a fox who goes by “Valentine,” run).  I wouldn’t trust him around anyone of any gender younger than 18.

While he might claim to engage in meaningful conversation, what he really does is bring along talking points provided by CSGV, Moms Demand, The Trace, Brady Campaign and any other anti-gun group and present them as “facts.”  When anyone with an IQ higher than a rock tries to counter his supposed facts with real data, he blocks them and then claims victory.  This is a typical tactic of many anti-gun idiots who want only their point heard.

So, to any other 2A page admins on Facebook, if you run into Valentine (Jonathan Romans), then either block him right away or have fun mocking him.  Just be sure to get some screen caps and send them our way.




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